Gusto Caruso

Caruso was born thanks to the passion for taste and the claim the quality and the authenticity by every product and cultivate passion, pleasure, taste and innovation. The idea is to hug the ice cream world, applying to the production of homemade ice cream that is the fundamentals of the success of every productive reality: use of the highest quality raw materials excellent for nature.

Excellent by nature

We use only season fruit fresh, biological milk and a selection of the best raw materials, inorder to guarantee quality and authenticity and to give you an excellent taste. We don't add vegetal hydrogenate refined fats, emulsifiers, stabilizers,colorants preservatives chemical additives.

We take care about our customers, we always test new ideas and from today we are ready to satisfy vegan food needs.

We believe that the respect of the environment is an inlienable value: for this reason we use ecological raw materials and we promote separated waste in our ice cream shops.